#WCW – Purpose Defined

#WCW – Purpose Defined

We humans keep brainstorming options and plans, but God’s purpose prevails – Proverbs 19:21

I hadn’t planned on posting today, but while in the process of cleaning out some old photos in my photo gallery on my pc, I came across this photo and memory served me correctly. So, I decided to share.

1st Day of Purpose

This photo was taken on the way to my first writing class at Eckerd. It was actually prior to car selfies becoming famous across social media. What do you know? I was on to something.

Anyways, nervous as a five-year old on the first day of kindergarten, I arrived to class, sat down, and after about 20 minutes, discovered I was in the wrong room. To add more angst to my anxiety, I finally made it to the right classroom but realized I left my purse sitting on my desk at work. Thank God for honest housekeeping. It was still sitting there when I arrived to work the next day.

At any rate, class commenced at 5:30PM and nearly killed each and every remaining brain cell I had by 10:30PM. I left thinking, “Do I really want to put myself back through this? Do I really want to spend hours reading and writing papers and fighting through traffic to get to school to spend five hours two to three times a week arguing rhetoric and opinion?” I‘d been out of the collegiate arena for almost ten years and was a bit unrehearsed in the areas of timely classroom attendance and assignments. So, returning to the academically competitive bullring called college, after performing as an entrepreneur and in the workplace for years, was like culture shock to me. I almost said, “Screw this! I’m making good money on my 9-to-5 and my little side hustles. They can have this! I can’t deal!”

When I graduated high school, I was seventeen and gung-ho about obtaining a degree. I headed straight to a university weeks after graduation. Like my mother, I was a whiz with numbers and had a natural love for mathematics. So, I went on to major in accounting and minor in mathematics. It didn’t take long for me to realize I would not be fulfilled in that area. Consequently, I changed my major and minor to something not so solely mathematics; economics and theatre. That didn’t work either. I took a break from school, went to work, and picked up what I thought would be just a side hustle; writing.

Lo and behold, after all the self-mapping of my life, God was defining my purpose in what I thought was just my hobby. From a little girl, I wrote as a pastime. Writing poetry and fiction was and is as satisfying as going the long-wind and writing someone’s biography. Words are life to me. However, I‘d never thought of writing professionally until God stepped in, and in His own loving way, allowed me to see through my dissatisfaction of my own plans for my life, that His plans were far greater and better. Thusly, here I am today, almost twenty years after mapping out my own plans, doing exactly what He designed for me to do. Go figure!

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