#WCW – Jump

Today I came across a very simple but effective cartoonish video on faith. In this video a man was standing firm on what he once thought was a strong foundation. Suddenly, without warning, that foundation began to crumble under him. He looked across the way for a source of rescue and noticed a better foundation. However, in between that better foundation and the one disintegrating beneath him, was gaping space that only a leap of great assurance could surmount. He did what only a desperate person would do in that situation, he yelled for help. Help responded with a simple solution–jump!

For the life of him he couldn’t understand how his help, who could have easily, without breaking a sweat, swooped in and saved him and the day, actually responded to his cry with, “jump!” He rested on the answer for seconds  and then resumed his  pleading with help, trying to persuade him to rescue him by reminding him of all the reasons why he couldn’t make the jump. Meanwhile, the foundation under him continued to dissolve. Still, nothing more from help  than, jump!

Finally, the situation grows so dire, that he has almost no footing left to stand on. He throws caution to the wind, closes his eyes, and leaps for his life. He missed the other foundation by a mile and sank like a ship in the air; screaming for his life all the way down. He was screaming so hopelessly that he failed to realize he’d landed on his feet, after only dropping a few safe feet through the air, and just a few steps away was a stair case leading to the top of the stronger foundation.

Sound familiar?

We spend so much time and effort trying to manipulate destiny, housing it in walls of what-ifs and mounting it upon our own plans–fragile plans that make for worthless foundations. If I do this, then this will happen and then I’ll have that. Or, if I work this angle against that angle, then I’ll be set. I, I, I. That’s all that’s ever in our equations most of the time. All our equations do is create unsolvable problems.

I’m not discouraging anyone from planning. Idle sitting also makes for a useless mind. What I’m saying is, when we do plan, plan according to His purpose for our lives. How does one find that purpose? By committing to an exclusive relationship with the purpose giver.

So let me encourage you as I encourage myself, if the foundation you’re standing on is on the verge of collapse, JUMP! The right way is waiting.

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen – Hebrews 11:1


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