Throwback Thursday celebration has made its way around again. In keeping with the theme, I’m reminded of a special date, December 8, 2010. That was the day I first heard my son’s heart beat. Just typing that brings back audible memories.

That morning I was filled up with jolly. I awakened with a throwback song on my mind; “Angel” by Anita Baker.

If I could I’d give you the world
Wrap it all around you
Won’t be satisfied with just a piece of this heart

My angel
Oh, angel
You’re my angel
Oh, angel….

My husband was bubbling over with enthusiasm as well. I can recall the extra pep in his step while stirring around the house. I remember the both of us looking at each other and with almost a whisper, saying, “Wow, our first baby.” He’d just turned forty and myself thirty-two. We honestly didn’t know if we’d be able to have children or not. I guess God did because I sure did come up pregnant and not long after we were married.

I remember pulling into the parking lot of the Dr.’s office a complete ball of nerves. I’d spent a few days watching the birth channel and saw a few horror stories about women going to their first sonogram only to find out they’ve lost the baby. I didn’t speak those fears to my husband but I’m sure he had a few himself. “Please God. Let them find a heart beat”, was the only thing I kept muttering to myself.

After a few minutes wait, we were called back by the sonographer and here’s what we experienced:

Joy unspeakable…

Angel – Anita Baker 


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