Day#30 of the 30-Day Vegan Journey

We did it! We did it! We did it! Our journey is complete. If someone would have asked me thirty days ago,prior to starting this journey, if I could give up dairy for a while, I probably would have laughed in their face. The moo was my best friend. Kicking it to the curb nearly killed

Day#29 of the 30-Day Vegan Journey

This 30-day vegan journey is twenty-four hours short of concluding. How bittersweet! I’m sitting here reminiscing on day one and reflecting on how awkward it felt that morning not following my usual routine of setting a few eggs to boil while flipping a few flapjacks in the pan. Suddenly, my morning was overtaken by a bowl

Day#12 of the 30-Day Vegan Journey

Good evening my vegan pals. We are on the verge of closing out another vegan week of this 30-day vegan journey, and on Good Friday at that. I’m sure you all will be partaking of some rations of the fast kind this weekend. So, if you haven’t already gnawed down on something, here is another awesome place

Day#11 Of The 30-Day Vegan Journey

Good afternoon vegan friends. I won’t go into to full exercise detail today. I’m saving that for another post. But since it’s important to implement exercise while you’re altering your eating habits, today I’m going to share with you some of my favorite exercise programs. I’m also going to share another awesome vegan recipe I know

Day#9 Of The 30-Day Vegan Journey

I’m certain you all have had an amazing vegan day! I have. I actually took a break from the kitchen and detoured a bit from today’s menu structure. Well, just dinner. My husband treated me and the kids to some Greek culinary deliciousness. See my earlier post Kitchen Break. Best Vegan Cookbooks:   Cookbooks Source &

Kitchen Break!

I threw strike on the kitchen today during this vegan journey. Daddy was barely pulling into the driveway as me and the kids were making a sprint to the family mobile. My words, “Get me to some food and get me there fast!” Chuckling, daddy loaded us in and straightway drove us to sustenance. Tonight

Day#8 of the 30-Day Vegan Journey

Good evening ladies and gents. I suspect your day was fantastically vegan. Let’s talk about the f-word. That’s right, fruit! Today, I’m going to provide you with some beneficial information I located on consuming fruit regularly via MindBodyGreen. Fruit should be eaten alone or with other fruit on an empty stomach. This is because when fruit

Day#7 of the 30-Day Vegan Journey

We’ve made it to the one week mark of the vegan journey. Break out the streamers and blow horns. At this point, you should have it down. Also, the hunger pangs should also be well disciplined. Your body should be obeying and you should be feeling a lot lighter than you did seven days ago. I

Day#6 of the 30-Day Vegan Journey

Good evening guys and gals. Happy vegan Saturday! I’m just checking in on you all and wanted to share my dinner with you while I was munching it. Also, I’m going to share a few great vegan sites I came across while searching for some recipe ideas for dessert. Tonight’s Dinner: Fresh Green Beans, Vegan Meatless Chicken, and Organic

Day#5 of the 30-Day Vegan Journey

Thank God it’s Friday, and you’re vegan! You did it! You’ve made it to Friday without ransacking the nearest Krispy Kreme. So let’s discuss tonight. It is Friday and I know most of you want to or will be eating out tonight. I know the first thing on your mind is. “I’ll cheat a little bit and