Day#24 of the 30-Day Vegan Journey

Vegan Day#24 of the 30-Day Vegan Journey MFU0888 672x372

Good evening all. There are approximately six days and counting remaining. Believe or not, I’m seriously considering pressing further in this 30-day vegan journey. I feel great. My body is responding well to this change. Hey, this may be a lifestyle transition for me. But, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. What I do know is this is the healthiest I’ve felt in quite some time and I don’t want this feeling to end. Here’s what’s on the menu for tomorrow. Breakfast: Potato and Spinach Breakfast Scramble / Sliced Honeydew Melon Lunch: Portobello Fajitas / Hummus with Pita Wedges

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Day#21 of the 30-day Vegan Journey

Vegan Day#21 of the 30-day Vegan Journey file5961296074165 672x372

  Can you believe just three short weeks ago you dared to commit to altering your life for 30 days? That’s right, twenty-one vegan days have officially gone by and you haven’t bailed on your commitment to this 30-day vegan journey. Kudos! There’s an old saying that it takes 21-days to break a habit and the same to create a new one. That theory has been tested, I’ve tested it and I believe it to be true. And if you’ve yet to cheat, that’s means you concur. I also wanted to remind you all of the importance of portion size. You

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Day#15 of the 30-Day Vegan Journey

  Vegan pals, howdy! How manic was your Monday? Not so awful you took a plunge into a bag of potatoes fried in beef fat I hope. Be careful with those fast food french fries. The oils most of these establishments fry in are suspect. A recipe for vegan fries may pop up during this 30-day vegan journey. In the meantime, bake them yourself. That’s the healthier method. If you prefer them fried, choose a healthy oil to do so. Although argued against, I prefer olive oil. I’m not the only one either. The New York Times recently published an article supporting frying foods

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Day#14 of the 30-Day Vegan Journey

Hey all! We’ve wrapped up the weekend and now it’s time to get back to work on this 30-day vegan journey. I trust you all got a chance to check out some of the vegan options I listed back in my earlier posts or tried some of your own. Variety prevents boredom. Switch up and mix up your menu meals. Be creative. Here’s what’s on the menu for tomorrow: Breakfast: Breakfast Burrito / Banana Vegan breakfast burrito via-My Conscious Life Lunch: Tuscan Harvest Soup / Pita Bread / Apple Dinner:  Dan Dan Mian  / Side of quinoa / Mango Lime Sorbet

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Day#6 of the 30-Day Vegan Journey

Good evening guys and gals. Happy vegan Saturday! I’m just checking in on you all and wanted to share my dinner with you while I was munching it. Also, I’m going to share a few great vegan sites I came across while searching for some recipe ideas for dessert. Tonight’s Dinner: Fresh Green Beans, Vegan Meatless Chicken, and Organic Jasmine Rice. Cool Vegan Sites: Two-Layer Raw Chocolate Brownies via – Vegan, gluten-free, grain-free, no bake/raw, refined sugar-free, soy-free By: Angela Liddon Who knew brownies could be packed with protein, healthy omega 3 fatty acids, fibre, and antioxidants? These raw brownies are made with

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Day#5 of the 30-Day Vegan Journey

Thank God it’s Friday, and you’re vegan! You did it! You’ve made it to Friday without ransacking the nearest Krispy Kreme. So let’s discuss tonight. It is Friday and I know most of you want to or will be eating out tonight. I know the first thing on your mind is. “I’ll cheat a little bit and get back on it tomorrow.” Don’t do that. I guarantee you once you fall off the wagon there’s no getting back on it. You can eat out vegan. There are tons of great places around to eat vegan. All it takes is  a little time

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Day#2 of the 30-Day Vegan Journey

Congratulations! You’ve made it through the first day of this vegan journey. Give yourself a quick pat on the back. I know you probably woke up this morning feeling like you could eat a house. But don’t do it! It’s not vegan. Ha! That’s your metabolism kicking into gear. Breakfast will more than likely, if not prior to starting, become your favorite meal of the day. So wake up a little earlier to spend some extra time enjoying it. Don’t rush through it. Over the next couple days in this vegan journey, you will start to notice you have a

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