With Both Barrels!

With Both Barrels! Derrick Ward

Was I ever so gratified after checking in to my Facebook timeline and seeing the trending headling “Derrick Ward goes on a twitter rampage against the NFL, ESPN, and More”. He opened up a can of military style verbal assault on everybody. I thought to myself,
“Finally! A player with some balls.” Pun intended! It’s about time a real athlete stepped out from behind the shadow of a publicist and told the absolute truth and nothing but the truth, and let the whole world hear it. DeSean Jackson is not a gang member!

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ESPN has turned into a second-rate version of the Wendy Williams Show. Gone are the days when you punched out at 5pm and raced through the drive-thru or grocery store to get dinner just to get home and catch the 6 o’clock airing or SportsCenter. All of those dunks, eighty-yard run backs and home runs you missed during bathroom breaks were about to be replayed in excessive slow motion. Watching it was like being a part of the game again. Not to mention, getting a jump on the stats and inside player trade information. Now we’re forced to sit through almost an hour of a reprise reporting of Sister2Sister Magazine.  C’Mon Man! Thanks Keyshawn.

When I miss my Celtics play, yes I said Celtics, and I reach for the remote to turn on SportsCenter, give me stats and highlights please. I don’t give a rats ace who’s sleeping with whomever’s momma or who got drunk at the bar with Weezy and them over the weekend. If and only if, I miss my Buccaneers win their first game of any regular season, I don’t care to hear who beat up their baby’s momma in an elevator or who stuck whom with a kitchen knife. All I need to know is whose hand I need to shake in the locker room for the w.  Let’s all encourage ESPN, the NFL and whoever else to cut out the beauty shop talk and get back to real sports reporting. And while you’re at it, give a round of applause to Derrick Ward for doing what others are truly afraid to do.

Photo Source: Standing O SportsESPN

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Naomi is an emerging screenwriter and novelist who writes fiction, nonfiction, and dramas. She’s written for a national magazine, run a blog, and headed the communications department for a 501c3 corporation. Naomi is actively completing a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts and is a member of the Nation Council of Negro Women (NCNW), St. Petersburg Chapter, where she hopes to inspire young African-American women who aspire to write.

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