Reading The Art of Baby Nameology by Norma J. Watts

Recently, I came in contact with a new connection, let’s call him M.S., on another social network. We were bantering back and forth on another writing topic, when jokingly, he came up with the following:

“The meaning of your name, Naomi, and its meaning is pleasant. Here is a haiku to describe you. The first three lines are the Japanese words. The second three, the Romaji, or rendering of those Japanese words into english characters. The last three lines are the English tanslation. In case, you are wondering how much Japanese I actually know, this is all from Google Translate”:


Tanoshī seishin
Aisuru kakikomi
Nesshin’na seito

Pleasant spirit
Loving writing
Eager student

Impressed, it got me to thinking. What’s really in a name, baby names? I meet new people everyday with some of the most unique names I’ve ever heard of. I question the spelling of some of these names but having giving birth twice myself, I know the influence epidural can have on a new mother’s train of thought. Yeah, let’s blame the meds.

Lightly detaching the humor, let’s put some thought into this. Does naming a child after a car, a tree or an appliance really earn them any kudos in the boardroom? I think not. Could you imagine introducing the next president of the United States as Mrs. Mercedes Cordless Johnson? I knew you’d agree.

Let me suggestively, yet persuasively add, we need to name our children names they can not only pronounce and spell but be proud of in the future.

Reading Art of Baby Nameology by Norma J. Watts

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