Savoring the Moments of Just Being a Mom


The fulcrum of the bragging points in my life is my joy of being a mother. Each morning wake up is a sweet reminder that my joy is full because of the blessing of life—two lives thus far—my sons. From the sound of the bed creaking in the middle of the night from my two-year creeping in to sneak a few hours of sleep between mommy and daddy, to each “mommy” I hear all day everyday. I‘m grateful. From the one thousand times I yell, “Pick up the toys!” to the one thousand and one times I end up picking most of them up myself. I’m a sucker. From the countless moments I whip out the camera phone to snap a cute shot of them sleeping, to moments they plead with me to, “Take this picture mom!” I’m in love. And, for all the times I promised not to give them dessert if they didn’t eat all of their food but caved anyway, Thank You Jesus for those moments. Thank you, for the hugs. Thank you, for the kisses. Thank you, for all the times I hear, “Mom, you’re so awesome”. Just, thank you…

On another note, the term mother is a multifaceted universal bridge that extends across and connects all walks of life. At home, I’m Mommy-In-Chief—educator, minister, chef, therapist, on-call doc, coach, tear wiper, hand holder, and butt wiper. At the park, I’m Mommy-On-Post—security guard, snack lady, juice box guardian, bruise kisser, photographer and psychotic mom with a twitch if you touch my sons or someone else’s children. One just doesn’t walk into a park and touch a child without one receiving a black eye. Moms stick together.

I had the pleasure of catching this video a few weeks back of social media. It speaks volume of exactly what motherhood is all about. Enjoy.

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