Listening to Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas by Sam Smith


I’m such an unbelievable sap during this time of the year. Just one note of any old traditional holiday melody and my eyes glaze, then my face instantly turns into a streamway to the nearest pool of water, my shirt. Call me a hopeless sucker for some holiday glee and I’ll respond with a, “I resemble that statement.” Shamelessly. Since exactly one day after Thanksgiving I’ve been driving my husband cray with Christmas EVERYTHING! I changed all of the stations in the truck to stations that are playing Christmas music in rotation. I also put up the tree, beat it with decorations, wrapped gifts, put my Christmas dinner menu together, and all I’m waiting to do now is wake up on that special day and share all my love.

In the meantime, this afternoon, while taking a little family ride across town to run a few errands, we ended up at the post office. We hadn’t checked it all week and were dreading how much mail and junk we had to sift through. We pulled up and I was assigned the dirty duty of mail collection.

It’s been a long time personal daily tradition of mine, that each trip I make to the mailbox, I make mention that I’m getting ready to reach in and pull out my million dollar check. My husband used to shake his head and laugh at me, but now, after actually getting a few checks in his hands after I’d made him say it, he’s adopted my ritual and has turned it into a family convention. Nobody checks the mail without first making the declaration. Don’t even bother to put the key in the box. No, this isn’t a post about us finally getting a million dollar check. I wish it were though. Ha! But today, after yet another trip and not receiving our shedload, we sat in the parking space for a while, looked at one another, and began to make confessions of just how rich we already are. We haven’t missed a meal. We haven’t slept a day on the street. Every shower has been a hot one. We’re in good health. And, even on our worst days, there’s always someone suffering somewhere who desires some of what we don’t think is enough.

At any rate, we concluded, crunk up, and headed home so we could get the boys down for their nap.

A few hours passed and after finishing up school work with the boys, I started on dinner. I like to listen to music when I cook and clean. It gets me going, I guess. The need for a holiday song to fit the mood was needed. Amazon music to the rescue! Did I ever stumble upon a familiar voice that I love who was singing the perfect song with the perfect melody. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas by Sam Smith. It just wrapped up the entire sentiment of today’s moment of gratitude and put a little bow on it. Sit back. Click play. Ponder on the richness of your life, and thank me later.

      Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

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