Take Time to Celebrate Love–Happy Anniversary My King!

I chuckle at the remembrance of our meeting five years ago; two people in full recovery from broken hearts and broke down cars. You know, It’s funny how our trials can sometimes deceive us into believing there’s no sweetness in bitterness. But, boy did God give us both a revelation. In the midst of what we both thought were our own personal hardships, was actually that cool guy upstairs mixing a little sugar in our sour situations. He turned the disappointment in our lives into appointed destiny and merged the ministries between us.

Our first date: the church picnic! Our second date: amazing pizza from Ammazza and a movie at the Baywalk. Remember I fell asleep during the movie? You just shook your head and chuckled. Although, I think you caught a few too but did it while I was snoozing. You had that full on glaze of a quick nap in your eyes.

What you did in the following months of our courtship proved to me that you were serious about loving me. My mom was still semi-incapacitated from a near death stroke and was pretty much home bound with a trache to an oxygen machine and the world’s greatest formulation of medication. You’d come over and sit for hours with us and watch TV and laugh. I thought for sure, you’d run the first time you saw my mom clear out her trache and speak, or walk pass and shamelessly light one as only my mother could.  But not you. You responded in true Kayson fashion, “Oh my God. You sound like Darth Vader! And, did you just fart?” She did sound like him, and unfortunately she did pass gas in front of my new beau. We laughed until our stomachs ached for mercy. But that’s who you are; fearless, loving, and kind Kayson.

We’re not the perfect couple. We go together like peanut butter and ham, but we love each other like potatoes and gravy. Just think, two broken transmissions mended two broken hearts. I’m so glad God still intervenes. I love you honey! Happy Anniversary.


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