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A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about Those Social Reads That Surprise You. Then, I fell in love with this song. It fit the sentiment perfectly, like a hand in glove. It’s rare, these days, that you come across a secular song that isn’t hailing verses about booties and h*es and then hooking it with melodious vernacular about promiscuity and thot-fullness. Unfortunately, money and fame gravitate around these types of verbal abuses and we just can’t seem to break free from this type of writing and get back to real art–good music.

But, every once in a while, an artist will surprise us by enlisting a writer who knows how to pick up a pen, pencil, laptop or whatever else, and lift us by writing the sheer sentiment of our hearts. I support those types of writers and these types of songs. Don’t just throw slang on top of a good beat. Put experience to sound and strum my heart. That’s what this song, Keep Us Together, does. Clearly someone with experience is saying, “Listen here! Love aint easy. There will be walks in the park on sunny days and tears on the pillow on stormy nights. Hang tough, weather the storm, and let the love that brought you together, keep you together.”

This song has been on perpetual repeat all week. I even threw it in this morning’s half marathon training mix. It kept me steady and kept me grooving. Enjoy!

Keep Us Together – Jessie J

      Keep Us Together

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