Losing My Religion, Gaining My Identity

 Man was created lower than the angels, but higher than the animals. Thus the human experience has certain realities, and these realities vary from person to person, culture to culture, race to race, economic bracket to economic bracket, and even from era to era-regardless of one’s own religious convictions. Life is going to be life! How do we change levels or can we? In a dream, Abraham’s grandson, Jacob in a dream saw a ladder that touched both the heavens and the earth. What he saw was messianic and prophetic in nature-for it would be in the coming Christ that man would able to climb out of wherever he has found himself in his reality of life, to ascend and excel to a higher reality; the reality of which God originally intended. In the Old Testament, Zion was the highest point of elevation in David’s kingdom. It was where he built his city. In typology, Zion represents the highest reality than man walk in, which is kingdom reality. Though the church is depicted as a city on a hill, Zion is a mountain, which speaks of a much higher level of elevation. This is why Jesus said to the inquiring disciples of John the baptizer, “Unto the poor, the Gospel has been preached” Once an individual has heard and believed the gospel and have become saved, they’ve become added to the living body of Christ via the Holy Spirit and their foot has been placed on the first rung of the ladder, and are standing on the hill. However, if we desire to prosper and be in good health as the scripture says, then in our souls (the psychological part of our being) must prosper or evolve. It is not for us to remain on the hill of church forever, waiting on Jesus. Seeking first the Kingdom is about transcending and ascending to the same reality where He is (Hebrews 12:22-24). Christ Himself is the fullness of this reality depicted in Zion, and it is in Him where we may be perfected in His perfection, by His Spirit and become as He is, as sons of the Most High; for this is where He went to prepare a place for us. Therefore, let us, like the apostle Paul, press towards the mark for the prize of the highest calling of God in Christ Jesus.

The above is an excerpt from the life changing manuscript Losing My Religion, Gaining My Identity written by Michael Bryant, Senior Pastor of the local body of faith The City of Refuge-Tampa Bay. This book is power packed with life altering information for anyone struggling with concerns about their purpose and very existence in this life. In this book Pastor Bryant offers a response to people looking for real answers. This is definitely one to put on the ‘must-read’ list.

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Pastor Michael Bryant (short bio)

Michael Bryant

 Michael A. Bryant, (born October 26, 1966), is an anointed minister, Christian apologist, prolific author, columnist, counselor, life coach, and the Senior Pastor of The City of Refuge-Tampa Bay, a newly developing Christian fellowship located in St.Petersburg, FL. Pastor Michael is married to Kimberly Wilson-Bryant, and they have raised five children together, Keiannah, Brittany, Reginald, Jyeesha, and Peter. Pastor Michael is affectionately referred to most believers as ‘Brother Mike’, because of his tender care and commitment to the development of the individual believer. Because of his God-given revelation and comprehensive understanding of the soul, as the psychological part of our being, he has helped many souls find deliverance in the risen Savior, through competent Godly counseling that deals with what is. Pastor Bryant views biblical Christianity as a reality that we as believers share with God, not a religion….


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