Day#30 of the 30-Day Vegan Journey

We did it! We did it! We did it! Our journey is complete. If someone would have asked me thirty days ago,prior to starting this journey, if I could give up dairy for a while, I probably would have laughed in their face. The moo was my best friend. Kicking it to the curb nearly killed me the first few days of this journey. But like any unhealthy relationship, time helped me get over it. These past 30 days have set me up for a lifetime of great healthy vegan eating habits. Eliminating toxins and cancer and diabetes causing agents were just a few perks for signing up for this journey. I’m enthused about continuing this non-dairy journey and my body is thanking me for it.

I first thought about beginning this journey primarily to lose weight. Back in 2011 I gave birth to my first son. While carrying him, I gained 57 pounds. I weighed 163 lbs pre-baby. I lost 25 of the 57 almost immediately after birth. The remaining thirty-two I had to work very hard at losing. By the time my son turned 10 months, I’d lost 15 more lbs and was excited about only being 17 lbs away from pre-baby weight. Then I found out I was pregnant again. I gained 25 lbs that time around. Let me just say this, the weight loss, up to this journey, had been a struggle. I was like how much friggin’ Insanity, running, walking and aerobics do I have to do to lose this darn weight. I was eating right and watching my calories but it wouldn’t budge. Then I came across a tweet on twitter, ” Slim down – Go Vegan“. The tons of pictures of nicely shaped women eating vegetables sold me. I decided to go vegan to lose weight. But after doing a bit of research on the deadly effects of consuming dairy, my focus shifted to a combination of weight loss and overall health. I realized during this 30-Day vegan journey, as I hope you have, that my health should have a balance of healthy eating and exercise. I’ve lost 19 lbs on this journey and I’m not stopping here. I’m full steam ahead to a healthier, fitter me.

Here’s my courage reel:


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