Day#3 of the 30-Day Vegan Journey

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Day number three of this 30-day vegan journey is in the bag. We’re over the hump and riding the down slope. By now you should be starting to feel a little lighter. Your body has spent the last few days eliminating unhealthy by-products. And, with the amount of water you’ve been drinking the last few days, your skin should be glowing. If not, keep at it. You’ll start to notice these changes soon.

I wanted to address a pressing concern some of you may have. What do I order when I eat out? Let me help you. Most chefs are creative cooks. They love the challenge of patrons specially requesting menu items being made to order. So, don’t be afraid to demand a vegan plate. I’ve known restaurants to add these special items to their menu after being requested.

Also, try eating specifically at a vegan or vegetarian establishment. They do exist. Let me share with you one of my favorite places to eat. Evos. My family loves this place. The kids and I ate there for lunch today. They have a vast selection of vegan eats and are willing to transform any vegetarian dish into a vegan dish if so requested.

Here’s my lunch for today and an awesome vegan chilli recipe for you to try at home. I’ll check in with you all in the morning. Keep pressing forward!

Vegan Chilli

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Vegan Chili Recipe via-Tasha Edwards

Vegan Chili Recipe – Vegetarian Chili Recipe


2 16 ounce cans of kidney beans
1 24 ounce jar of pasta sauce
2 cups vegetable broth
1 bell pepper, diced
4 tablespoons chili related spices
(chili powder, cumin, onion, garlic, etc, I used the cheat packet)


Put a large pot over high heat. Add in kidney beans, pasta sauce, vegetable broth, diced bell peppers, and chili spices.

Bring to a boil, stir it, then allow to simmer for 30 minutes. But don’t leave it the whole time, you will have to stir is every once and awhile.

Serve it up hot.

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