Day#15 of the 30-Day Vegan Journey


Vegan pals, howdy! How manic was your Monday? Not so awful you took a plunge into a bag of potatoes fried in beef fat I hope. Be careful with those fast food french fries. The oils most of these establishments fry in are suspect. A recipe for vegan fries may pop up during this 30-day vegan journey. In the meantime, bake them yourself. That’s the healthier method. If you prefer them fried, choose a healthy oil to do so. Although argued against, I prefer olive oil. I’m not the only one either. The New York Times recently published an article supporting frying foods off in olive oil.

Which oil? How much? Since most deep-frying is done at around 350 degrees, this whole notion that olive oil is inappropriate for frying is nonsense; it smokes at 375 (and smoking isn’t the end of the story, either). So olive oil — especially “pure,” which is a step below extra-virgin and in theory less expensive — is a fine option, especially for something in which you’d like its flavor, which could include any of the recipes here.

Be careful and ask what’s in your food when you’re eating out. At any rate, here’s what’s for breakfast tomorrow and a few more awesome vegan sites I’d like you all to take a look at:



Peppery Raspberry Pancakes / Veggie Bacon Strips / Watermelon and Supergreens Breakfast Smoothie

More Menu & Recipes:

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Happy vegan eating!

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