And to the least of these…


“Where do you wanna eat?” My husband asked, as soon as my backside touched down on the seat. “I don’t know. Drive around a bit and let’s see if something jumps out”, I replied while making an escape from my dreadful control tops. After riding around for few, my husband made the executive decision to stop and order me something vegan from one of my favorite spots, and him and the boys would pick up a five dollar hollar; that’s slang for a large cheese pizza from Hungry Howies. The kids and I hung out in the car while daddy went in to order my food.

Instead of waiting inside, he came back out to the car. On his way out, I took notice to a very concerning look on his face. He sat down and didn’t make reference to what had just disturbed him and I didn’t ask. We proceeded to converse with the children.

In the middle of our little session, we looked up and noticed a man who appeared to be less fortunate than usual walking out of the restaurant. Immediately, without thought, my husbang flung the car door open and yelled, “Excuse me sir. Are you hungry?” With surprise, the man replied with relief, “Did you read my mind?” My husband walked with him back into the restaurant and took care of him. I could do nothing less than tear up.

If you allow it, life will remind you of the ‘need to’s’; the need for you to show love, the need for you to show compassion and the need for you to remember those who have less.

Today, life reminded us to not only remember, but act.

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