When He’s Intentional, Just Smile and Say, “Thank You!”

Eating healthy is a big to-do in our household. Fresh vegetables, whole grains, and organic fruits are mainly what our fridge and cabinets are made up of. But every now and then, we throw caution to all things healthy and spice up our lives with our favorite fast food item or something boxed off the grocery store shelf.

Rolling into this third trimester of pregnancy, my cravings are nothing short of “Oh wow!” I could wake up at three in the morning desiring a big bowl of watermelon and by midafternoon crave a salad with corn chips and seasoned fries. Lord have mercy.

On that note, I had a hankering for some naughty seasoned rice–one with a few preservatives but won’t necessarily kill me. Ha! I didn’t want to spend a bunch of money on it either because I had just a few bucks in my pocket to pick up a few things and head home. So, while slowly perusing the rice aisle browsing each shelf looking for the rice I wanted for the right price, I looked up and found this…


Someone had left a coupon waiting for me. Guess what? I actually had this rice in mind. I smiled graciously, took out my phone, captured my moment, and headed to check out.

Our focal point, at times, can be set on blessings so large, we forget about those small gifts that remind us He even cares about our little desires. This coupon served as my sweet reminder this morning. I’m only grateful I had enough discernment to slow down in the moment and catch what was waiting for me.

Slow down and seize your intentional moment…


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