#WCW – Word Crush Wednesday…”He Can Fix That Too”

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#WCW-Word Crush Wednesday

God is not a man, that He should lie; neither the son of man, that He should repent: hath He said, and shall He not do it? or hath He spoken, and shall He not make it good? – Numbers 23:19

I believe it was this time last year I was sitting in church and listening to one of the elders share what can be considered your average testimony during the offering moment. Normally when anyone takes the mic during the time for giving they either share a scripture everyone knows or a moment in time when God came through financially for them. His testimony was somewhat different. He began to relay a time when his finances were low and he found himself in a situation where some much-needed necessities were failing and the money wasn’t there to cover the need. You know, like car repairs, home repairs, and small needs required in the home. Issues like this are minor, but major when your money is funny. So, he did what he knew to do best. He prayed.

It wasn’t a prayer of deep groaning or wordy vernacular. It was simply a small reminder aimed at prompting God to do what He promised He’d do-remain faithful. As he ran down the list of needs he lifted before God, I noticed the smiles in the sanctuary began to turn in to light chuckles, then laughs of a-ha, as if a eureka moment hit everyone at once. While he did share his needy prayers, he also shared how God answered his prayers-Immediately! His financial situation didn’t alter his faith. So after God answered his first prayer almost instantaneously, his new prayer became, “God, if You fixed that, You can fix this too.”

In the recent months, I’ve been studying the area of prayer and how to pray more effectively. A couple of weeks ago, just before giving birth to my 3rd son, I lined some needs up before God. At first attempt, my prayer was long and drawn out. Honestly, it was. It actually got on my nerves. I can only imagine what the Lord was thinking. My next attempt started out like the first, but then I came to my senses. I stopped soliciting God and immediately began a meditation of gratitude. I thanked Him for so much, I actually forgot I needed Him to do anything. The next day, the same thing. The day after that? The same.

I’m not trying to portray God as a microwave type of God, but He began meeting my needs faster than I could say thank you. Soon after, I found myself praying like the elder. God, if You met that need, You can meet this one too. If You fixed that, You can fix this too. It’s been ongoing.

I came across the above scripture. And although the context of the first 18 verses deal with the selfish desire of one man (Balak) trying to manipulate another (Balaam) into cursing God’s people, the Lord’s response was so befitting to the elder’s prayer. God is not a man, that He should lie. Nothing that God has ever spoken or promised has come up short. Why? Because it’s impossible for Him to be unfaithful. Every word from His mouth to man was established in truth before He spoke it.

God promised to meet our needs way before we knew we’d have them. So, when your prayers are stuck in limbo, or you just don’t know what to pray, simply say, “God, if You fixed that, You can fix this too.”

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Naomi C. Kellogg

Naomi is an emerging screenwriter and novelist who writes fiction, nonfiction, and dramas. She’s written for a national magazine, run a blog, and headed the communications department for a 501c3 corporation. Naomi is actively completing a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts and is a member of the Nation Council of Negro Women (NCNW), St. Petersburg Chapter, where she hopes to inspire young African-American women who aspire to write.

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