#WCW – Take Pleasure in Him

“Delight thyself also in the Lord: and He shall give thee the desires of thine heart” – Psalm 37:4

Grand Central Station

Six years ago, I was on the backside of a major life transition. I was a single, childless thirty-year old waiting on God like a customer in the meat department of a Publix awaiting his number to be called to get that deal on 2 lbs of sliced premium turkey. I’d gone back to school and classes were closing in on my senior year. While I was sure I’d be working in my field after graduation, having already been doing some writing projects on the side, I wasn’t sure of where I’d be taking permanent residence. I was born and raised in St. Pete, but had left the state of Florida on different occasions to fulfill different purposes. However, I’d always managed to return for some reason or another.

This time was different. Having reached an age where I wasn’t yet married and, according to society’s standards, was a bit old to start having children, I’d become resolute in my decision-making process on some things. I was working as an admin/receptionist for a bay area health systems company, going to school full-time, helping my mother recover from a near-death stroke, and spending all of my free time drowning myself in either church stuff or volunteer programs. A few years back, I visited the beautiful state of Texas a few times and fell madly in love with Dallas. So, seeing that I only had a few more classes to take and some writing opportunities presented themselves in Dallas, I filled out an application to the University of Texas, called some contracting agencies in that area concerning the writing opps, and began working with a friend of mine who was in the relocating business to set up a big move for me.

A few weeks went by and I received a note from UT congratulating me on my good grades at my current school and offering me the opportunity to apply for an academic scholarship with them to finish out my senior year. I also received six calls for some really good job offers in the Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex area. The only thing left was to find a place to live, pack my things, bid my momma goodbye and move on.

Oh the irony of God being in control…

A few months had passed and so did another birthday. I’d come home one evening from working at a volunteer tent with Team in Training. I’d signed up to run another half marathon with them to raise awareness and funds for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society. I had a ton of things on my mind and felt like going for a run. So, I threw on some workout gear and went for it. Normally when I run I just kinda jam to the music I have blaring through my Ipod shuffle and pound the pavement to the beat. This time, I had a lot on my heart for some reason. So, I talked it out. My last mile in, from this 3-mile refresher, I remember saying these exact words to the Lord, “Lord, if it’s for me to stay here in Florida and meet my husband and establish whatever purpose in ministry you have here for me, then so be it. If not, then give me the courage to follow through on my plans to reroute my life to Texas.” I woke up the next morning to go to work and my car wouldn’t start. I had just enough time to run back into the house and look through the phone book; yes, I said phone book, for the number to the local busing transit to find out the next bus route coming my way to get me to work. I had to transfer to another bus at the Grand Central Station, that’s Central Plaza those who are familiar to the area. And there it happened. I walked right passed my husband. I looked at him. He looked at me. And, for weeks, this passing of the looks continued.

I’m pretty much a jovial person. Noone’s a stranger, unless you have that unabomber look. Then, I keep one hand on the dial. Anyhow, I’d always slightly smile when I passed by the bench he was sitting on, and he’d be sitting there with that why are you smiling like this so early in the morning look on his face. I really thought he was a grump. Then, one morning, I worked up the nerve to actually say hello; since he was staring at me each morning when I walked passed. I said, “Hello”, and he looked up at me like he wanted to kill me. That ticked me off.

Normally, when I speak to someone and I don’t get the desired response, I shrug it off and keep it moving. Not this time. The look he gave me dug deep for some reason. It hurt my feelings. So, I made up in my mind to tell him off the next time I saw him. That was a Friday. Monday morning rolled in. My bus rolled up to GCS and I got off to tell him off. My heart was beating like drum and I was praying, “Dear Lord, don’t let this man be crazy and slap me down in the middle of central plaza.” I was rethinking it the whole way over to his bench. I get over to him and right as I am about to hit him with the, “Why are you always staring at me with these unpleasant glares?”, he looked up at me and gave me all thirty-two. I was lost for words. From there the conversations started. We’d chit chat in between transfers and then one morning, I didn’t see him. His job changed his hours and for a few weeks he was a ghost.

I was sitting home one evening in my livingroom going through one of my class notebooks and ran into something that made me chuckle. For my thirtieth birthday, I’d written myself a letter. In that letter I told myself that next year around this time I was going to have met my husband and a year later we would be married. I folded the letter and stuck it back down into the pocket of my notebook. Prior to writing that letter, I ‘d prayed earnestly for ten years for the type of spouse I wanted to be a wife to. And honestly, when I wrote that letter, it was really a concession. I’d given up, but wanted to put it down on paper for the record.

A week later, I received the prognosis on the state of my car. It was a goner. And, I wasn’t about to get another one because I was done with the payments on that one. I was so disappointed. Riding the bus was working my nerves. It was so inconvenient.

Well anyways, some time went by and I took the day off to go get my hair done. Who did I run into on my way home? My future husband. He was sitting there on the bench in some sweaty basketball clothes smiling like a Cheshire cat. I waved, got on the bus and went home. The next morning he was in his regular spot. We began conversing again. Long story short, he invited me to his church, I showed up, we had our first date the next day at the church picnic, and were married the following year on the same day.

Five years and two children later, I am a living witness that when you take time and take pleasure in who God is, in His timing, He will give you the desire of your heart. I prayed for a husband, wrote it down and made it plain, and God answered. I later found out that my husband had also been praying for a wife prior to his van breaking down and running into me at the bus stop.

Moral: While you’re waiting, wait in God. Fall in love in with Him. Take time getting to know Him and finding pleasure in His presence.


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