Watching A Bug’s Life…What Happens When We Dream

Unbottle Your Dream… Photo Credit: Mark Graf

By now, the whole world, well maybe not the whole world, knows my favorite pastime is spending quality time with my children. Truthfully, some of my most enlightening moments are sparked by time spent with my kiddos.

Today’s motivation is brought to you by Disney’s A Bug’s Life. I’ve watched this movie with my children a thousand times. It’s one of their favorite downtime movies to watch between taking a break from school work and nap time. There are a few parts that I mute and fast forward. But for the most part, they enjoy the entire movie. My husband and I are the type of parents who like to preserve our children’s innocence as much as we can, so we monitor what we expose them to while they’re this small. Of course, as they get older, we’ll have the luxury of dialoguing with them about those things they were too small to fully understand like: violent fights between characters that’s pushed off as cute, character crushing–adult emotional bonds formed by childlike characters, or sneaky innuendos that would cause adults to chuckle but should never be heard by a child or come out of a child’s mouth. In case you were unaware, that’s what’s happening in most of today’s motion pictures geared towards children from infancy all the way up to adolescence.

Regardless of what I’m engaged in, my attention seems to find its way onto this movie whenever it’s on. The story is about a colony of ants simply trying to get along with routine survival. However, that routine has been interrupted by a band of grasshoppers, led by a villainous fiend by the name of Hopper, who make it their business to antagonize the colony by bullying the ants into what may be considered as slave labor. The ants are forced to spend a season collecting food, that should belong to them, off the island for the grasshoppers. However, things go awry when Flick, who I like to call the dreamer, accidentally knocks the collected food from a cliff with one of his inventions. Long story short, the grasshoppers show up at the end of the season to collect the food. There isn’t any. So, they then force the ants to spend the remainder of the season collecting the remains, of what should be left for them to survive through the rainy season, for the grasshoppers.

If you like a good plot, you, like me the first time I watched this movie, would just follow the storyline til the end of the movie and give it a cute A+. Yet after watching it for the umpteen time this past weekend, a light came on.

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Photo Credit: Talie Sin

Flick was considered an absolute nuisance by everyone ant in the colony. No one wanted to work with him because he was always coming up with a bright idea that ended badly. He was always in the way, always creating failed inventions, and just never seemed to sit still. And, at first watch, he’ll annoy the heck out you just watching him in this movie. But, at the end of the day, it was Flick who saved the day. Why? He never stop dreaming, and he never stopped forging towards his dream. He was the only ant on the island fearless enough to fail.

You’ll never be a true dreamer until you get over the fear of failure. How do you get over the fear of failure? By experiencing it. I’m sure every adult in the world has heard of the adage proclaiming nothing beats a failure but a try. Many times we halt at the brink of success–the place of try harder, because we fear failing. Actually, what we fear is people laughing at us. We fear people reminding us that they told us it would never work. Failure is inevitable not unconquerable. There’s more than one way to build your dream. If the problem is direction, take out a piece of paper and a pen and write out the plan. Sometimes writing the plan down makes it plain. If it’s finances, the problem may simply be learning how to save. If your job is not your dream, stop looking at it that way. A while ago, I heard a motivational speaker say, “Take a portion of your paycheck and pay into your dream. Your job should finance your purpose.” Finally,  if it’s people, separate yourself. Don’t allow negative people into your life, and PLEASE don’t share the plans for your dreams with dreamless people. They don’t want to see anyone doing any better than what they are doing. Shut them out of your life.

If God put the dream inside of you, trust that He’s also placed the plans for it inside of you as well. Get busy.

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