Reading Lost and Found by Sarah Jakes

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For many reasons, I pondered for weeks whether or not to purchase this book. I don’t personally know Sarah Jakes, but I kept thinking this is just another example of a spoiled little rich kid using their famous parents name to make a name for themselves. Aren’t we tired of being pimped like that?

And, what was she, Sarah Jakes, about to tell the world that isn’t already written in all of her daddy’s books and preached every Sunday at the Potter’s House anyway? Won’t slap my head and get me for my $9.99. No ma’am! Also, I suspected, after googling a few gossip blogs, that this may be just another salacious tell-all. Aint nobody got time for that. If you’ve read one slutty memoir you’ve read them all. Um, excuse me, I stopped by your house on the way to the bookstore and picked up your closet. Please politely put your business back in it. Thanks!

I’m glad I’m woman enough to admit when I wrong. The other day while surfing the top ten books to read in my Google Play book app, this book kept popping up with rave reviews. In almost every review I surveyed, the words God and grace kept surfacing. So I did it. I invested. And am I glad I did.

After 123 pages of shock, awe and tears, I have a new-found respect for this woman. She’s not just TD Jakes’ daughter. She is a fighter, a survivor, a mother and an inspiration. Though I haven’t gone through many of the trials she gracefully shared in this book, I found myself being lost with her in the hurt and being found by His grace in the end. Every young woman in the world, and perhaps older women still living in their brokenness, needs to invest in themselves by purchasing this truth. God chose this beautiful angel for this time and her story of redemption comes in due season.

Reading Lost and Found by Sarah Jakes

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