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Let me first start out by saying, “I thank the Lord for my Galaxy Note 3, because there’s obviously a serious privacy issue with the IPhone.” Switch, people, SWITCH!

Now that my shameless plug is over…2 Quick Things…

I. I’m not condoning taking nudies of yourself, because you never know who’s splashing around out in cyberspace waiting for the right moment to take a dip into your personals and troll you unregrettably. But, her husband was on the receiving end of these. That doesn’t make it right, but it shows her actions weren’t a publicity stunt.

II. Contrary to this new age standard of attire that’s been deemed acceptable for women to run around in: leotards, extremely low-cut blouses and trousers, skin tight dresses with no underwear, the infamous booty shorts, etc., there’s no such thing as a sexy Christian and there’s no biblical support for it either. The two terms, Christian and sexy, will never marry. One represents self alone and the other Christ. When you proclaim Christianity, the standard in it is Christ. Though we error, our representation of Him should be selfless. When you dress and carry yourself provocatively, there is no standard, because you’ve left nothing up to the imagination. All of your SELF is placed so far out in front Christ is assumed stowed away in the bible you keep back home on the night stand. I can voice this emphatically, because, personally, grace grew me through it.

Regardless of today’s standards, hoochie by day and h*@ by night, class is still attractive. And, despite popular belief, keeping your clothes on is still classy. Most importantly, praise is still the most beautiful covering Christians can adorn themselves in. We have to halt this wordly dictation of how we represent the Kingdom. We don’t have to look like the world in order to reach it.

Let your LIGHT shine…

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