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With a resounding WAKE UP PEOPLE, how many times does it have to be said we are living in the last days. Stories like this break my heart. Men and women of God are people first before they step into the pulpit. They have problems just like the next. They are not exempt and God does not give them a special pass to only live perfect problem free lives.

Just as leaders pray and care for their parishoners, they’re supposed to receive that same prayer and care according to the word ofGod. But unfortunately, we’ve become such a scandle seeking society, thirstily awaiting the next fall, the notion of compassion gets burried in the seethe of it all.

With that being said, compassion and prayer is not and should not be used as an excuse by anyone representing the Kingdom to live filthy either. We should always put our best foot forward and strive to be a holy representation of Christ. If we fall, there’s grace to get back up. However, in the getting up, admit you were wrong. Don’t abuse grace and insult holiness by pretending sin just happens. It doesn’t. We do.

Souls are always at stake and we should fight hard not to forfeit any back into the kingdom of darkness. Stay the course. Pray for this marriage and leaders all over the world.

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