Listening to the Battle Ready Prayer

Arguably, people believe the greatest weapons on earth are those that either bare a trigger, a clip, or a sharp point. Nations and people spend billions on weapons that embody the mentioned anatomy–big guns, powerful explosives, and sharp deadly objects. And, in a sense, they’ve worked; or shall I say they work according to a vicious cycle of death humans have created in an attempt to control each other actions. In other words, weapons are used to play God. But they error in attempt, because God doesn’t manipulate the will of man.

In saying that, there is one weapon that trumps every armament or hand-held deterrent ever created–PRAYER!

Prayer is the single most dangerous defense ever granted to man. It’s not only physiological–drives the way man functions, but it’s biological–a living pentagon in the heart of man, and psychological–it calms the mental storm in man’s mind when brought under duress. In short, it is a weapon of mass destruction and reconstruction. It not only has the power to beckon the world’s greatest authority to step into a situation and eradicate a threat, but gracefully save the threat as well through process of redemption. Hmpf!

A few years ago, after my first son was born, his godfather brought over some cd’s for me and my husband to take a listen to. One of the cd’s was labeled “Battle Ready Prayer”. We didn’t touch it immediately. Actually, to be honest, it sat on top of the dvd player for a few weeks. Then, one morning, after cutting someone’s hair–my husband’s a barber, he curiously put the prayer cd in the dvd player and the rest is history. Nothing in the house moved for 17 minutes. The pastor, I’m assuming he’s a pastor, leading the prayer on the cd, must have been in the spirit on the Lord’s day because he prayed everything anybody could ever think to send up in prayer. I listened to that cd for months. Recently, I picked it back up and have began playing it each morning.

If you’ve ever gotten down to pray and have had no clue as to where to start because your heart is full and your mind is clouded, let me help you. Here’s a great place to start. Let this bless you.

Battle Ready Prayer via Battle Ready Prayer



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