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Every life has a purpose. And every purpose has to endure the bombardment of dream-atic trials, that serve not so much as stumbling blocks, but as life weights to strengthen our core (the mind, the heart, the inner-man). So that, when counterproductive challenges arise, we don’t buckle under the pressure.

Over the past several weeks, my family, while in planning and pursuit of some life-altering future goals, has had to endure the onslaught of obstacle after obstacle. I’m talking about advancing both feet forward and running headlong into a roadblock. Then picking ourselves up again only to collide with more dream crushing obstruction. It’s like, you can see the finish line and you’re running as fast as you can to get there, then boom, out jumps a deer, that roadblock that’s going to cost you over here to slow down production in the right direction. Setbacks. They’ve been discouraging to say the least.

I’ve had several come to Jesus moments with myself where I’ve sat face in hands with fist to heaven reasoning with The Greater about my pathway. I’d be lying if I said I haven’t questioned everything about my purpose and haven’t frantically searched my dream drawer for the infamous towel to throw in, then sentencing myself to a life of punching the clock for forty a week in support of someone else’s vision.

BUT, just as quickly as I contemplate giving up, I’m reminded of where I would be if my purpose were never revealed…

Yesterday, while searching my play app for new music, I came across this new song, Something in the Water, by Carrie Underwood. This particular verse spoke to me,

He said, ‘I’ve been where you’ve been before.
Down every hallway’s a slamming door
No way out, no one to come and save me
Wasting a life that the Good Lord gave me.”

Then somebody said what I’m saying to you
Opened my eyes and told me the truth
They said, “Just a little faith, it’ll all get better.”
So I followed that preacher man down to the river and now
I’m changed
And now I’m stronger.

Isn’t funny how, when we’re frustrated, everything we were once so sure of, believed so much in, becomes so obscure. We ask God for direction. He gives it. Then, when all of the unexpected pressures and turmoil comes, which He never guaranteed wouldn’t come, we’re ready to give it all back to Him. So sweetly, as the words of this song did to me, He reminds you of where you were and how bad you needed Him before His guidance.

So, allow me to remind you, as I’ve been reminding myself with this song on repeat, remember the water. Remember how weak you were before the water. And, regardless of whatever is attempting to impede your progress, remember how strong you are now. You’re not doing this alone, and you’re certainly not doing it for yourself.

Keep dreaming…

Something in the Water

      Something in the Water

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