Listening to Increase Me by Vicki Yohe

Listening to Increase Me by Vicki Yohe wpid wp 1407283956652

This past Labor Day, my family traveled to spend the day with the family of some close friends.

We did what’s expected on a day like that; cooked, sat down at the round table, ate, told stories, laughed, took the kids to the park, and watched a little tv. You know, nothing unusual for a holiday get together.

What sparked a memorable moment for me was a conversation between myself and the other woman at the table. We began to speak on the blessings of God as pertaining to the growth of our families. When, unexpectedly, she made a statement that threw a monkey wrench in my entire thought process on how God doles out His blessings. She said, “I prayed for increase and God blew everything in my life out of proportion.” Boy, did the brakes come on in my little spiritual understanding. We carried on with the rest of the day, but that statement rested on my thoughts the entire time.

On the ride home, my husband and I expressed the good time we’d just had, but he was curious as to the ponderous look I had on my face. I began to explain to him, “Babe, for years I’ve besought God to bless certain areas in my life-my finances, my career goals, my children, etcetera…etcetera. And it’s never dawned on me that those areas we’re already blessed.” He looked at me with an okay, and we drove on.

Over the course of these last few days, I ‘ve mulled the word increase over and over. This morning it finally hit me. I awakened with this song in my spirit and I couldn’t stop singing the chorus over and over,

No limits, no boundaries,
I see increase all around me.
Stretch forth, break forth, release me.
Enlarge my territory!

Then it hit me like a freight train. It’s almost redundant to pray for blessings because everyone in Christ is already blessed. If we want to experience an exponential stretch in our blessings, we must pray for increase. When Jabez prayed for the Lord to bless him I have to believe the word bless in his prayer is synonymous with increase. How, because of what followed his words, Oh that thou wouldest bless me indeed…” His next request in his prayer was for God to enlarge his coast, his territory.

We know that Jabez was already a blessed man because the bible referred to him as an honorable man, which says to me that we can be blessed in the current state that we are in. However, if we want to experience the magnitude of what our blessings truly are, we need expansion. And before expansion can occur, there must be increase.

Needless to say, my prayer and belief from here on out is that God would blow the seems out of every area in my life with increase. And while I await Him, I will be a hustling. Work!

Listening to Increase Me by Vicki Yohe

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Naomi C. Kellogg

Naomi is an emerging screenwriter and novelist who writes fiction, nonfiction, and dramas. She’s written for a national magazine, run a blog, and headed the communications department for a 501c3 corporation. Naomi is actively completing a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts and is a member of the Nation Council of Negro Women (NCNW), St. Petersburg Chapter, where she hopes to inspire young African-American women who aspire to write.

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