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I have literally been trying for days to muster up some logical thought to form at least a sentence or paragraph that would put into words the astonishing hurt, anger, and disbelief I’ve felt. On one hand I wish I’d never clicked play and the other I knew I’d regret not doing so. With my hand partially covering the screen of my smart phone and my face slightly turned away to not catch the full gruesome ordeal, I watched as paid public servants, sworn to protect, cold-bloodedly murder to beautiful blacks souls, one on live feed.

I watched the death of Alton Sterling, then not even a day or so later, Philando Castile. Immediately, I was shook. I threw my smart phone on the bed, ran in the kitchen and starting making breakfast for my family like I hadn’t just witnessed what I normally turn my head from seeing at the movies. I was sick, extremely sick. I thought, “This shouldn’t be out here like this to see. This is just too gory. Should I hide it from my timeline? What are their families thinking? Have they seen this? We should have it taken down for them.” Then anger kicked in and my thoughts went to an article I read on Jackie Kennedy and her remarks after her husband was murdered next to her in the back seat of the presidential limo. Her pink suit was almost completely stained with her husband’s blood. Aides advised she remove the stained clothing. She refused and remarked these famous words, “No. I’m going to leave these clothes on. I want them to see what they’ve done”. I dared not touch the report button.

The world needs to see what America is doing to black bodies.

I accepted the Lord as my savior at the tender age of 9 years old. It’s been 29 years and I’ve grown to be able to use quotes from the bible to encourage anyone on any given day regarding any given situation. These past few days I’ve had nothing. I’m pretty sure it’s been the reverberation of shock, but I’ve had nothing—no scripture, no cliché, no encouraging anecdote. I’ve been at a loss these few days and even being a Christian, I’m not ashamed to say it.

So, I do what I normally do when I’m at a loss—beg God for an answer, then work, wait, and watch.

While I’ve been waiting I’ve been noticing lots of Christians and clergy speak on the matter. That’s a great thing. However, what I would like for us to stop doing, and I’ve been guilty of this myself for years, is stop responding to every situation with Jesus is coming soon. We make Christ a cliché when we do that. Here’s why. It is an immutable fact that Christ will return for His people. Whether you believe or not, sinner or saint, He will return. I don’t care how many false powers that be, who use their resources to control and abuse, try to state otherwise. He will return. In the meantime, while we’re waiting, God has promised that His desire for us is that we may prosper and be in good health even as our souls prosper. That means He wants us to be able to live in peace and not fear and to be afforded equal opportunity without discrimination. One race, out of fear, shouldn’t have to keep their children in the house and watch longingly from a window, yearning just to be able to allow their children to play in the front yard, or walk to the store, or drive down the street without fear of never seeing them again. That’s not God’s plan for humanity.

I heard an old song the other day from one of my favorite gospel groups. The chorus goes..

Love has no color

You’re my brother,

Love shows no evil

To the people…The Winans

      Love Has No Color

I don’t have to ask who the people are. We know. Us! How many more lives have to be cut down and how much more blood needs to be wasted on the ground for us to have THE real conversation. Racism is alive and seething and it’s been alive for centuries, passed down from generation to generation. It’s interwoven in the fabric of America and it’s time to yank the thread, pull it so hard hate unravels from the very core. Let’s air the dirty laundry and wash America’s wicked sins through love. Let’s bankrupt injustice by clutching our pennies close and refraining from spending on the unnecessary. Don’t shop hate. Don’t buy hate. Don’t fund hate.

It’s time for humanity to fight back!

We do that through the Love of God. Love confronts and exposes. Let’s keep exposing the hate and ban together to eradicate it. Let’s reach across the aisles of color and bind together though love and fight the evil trying to destroy us all.

My black life matters, but I need the help of my other brothers and sisters to prove that. Will you be that brother or sister?

Love binds.

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Naomi C. Kellogg

Naomi is an emerging screenwriter and novelist who writes fiction, nonfiction, and dramas. She’s written for a national magazine, run a blog, and headed the communications department for a 501c3 corporation. Naomi is actively completing a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts and is a member of the Nation Council of Negro Women (NCNW), St. Petersburg Chapter, where she hopes to inspire young African-American women who aspire to write.

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