Inspiration Televised

It’s customary to think of church whenever your favorite gospel song comes on the radio or the minute you press play on the iPod and your favorite stream of inspiration begins to funnel through your head set. Regardless of whatever style of gospel you’re listening to, that fifty person choir all decked out in their choir robes rocking back and forth in the choir stand almost always comes to mind. Almost instantaneously, you envision yourself sitting in the front row clapping your hands, singing along, and swaying along with the choir.

That’s the power of gospel music. It’s the message of hope put to a soul-stirring harmony, tuned and pitched in perfect composition. There’s not a soul on this planet who can deny being inspired by it after just one listen. And, whoever said the gospel was just for Sunday mornings, LIED!

Gospel music award shows have overtaken television waves with a vengeance and with no signs of slowing down. They have become established competition for secular award shows bringing in huge ratings to boot. Alongside contending shows like the Grammy’s, the AMA’s and the MTV Music Awards, gospel award shows like the Stellars and BET‘s Celebration of Gospel sends social media hashtags on a frenzy. Traffic on timelines are jam-packed with positivity and hope. For one hundred and twenty minutes people dismiss their worries and their problems, all to be inspired. They join in the fever of joyful and reminisce on the hard times that brought them to the very moments of graciousness that are being filtered through their television screens.

That makes this great statement true, “The gospel must be televised!”


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