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Prayer changes things. Throughout everything,  the murder of Trayvon, the marches that lead to Zimmerman’s arrest, the trial, and the aftermath of it all, I’ve kept my eyes glued on Trayvon’s parents, particularly his mother Sabrina.

As a mother of two boys, my first emotion for this mother was heart break. My second, anger. With every bit of Jesus in my life, I can honestly say I don’t believe I could have handled this hurt with the poise, dignity, and grace she has. I watched this women take on the hateful opinions of people as they invaded her privacy, mocked her family and criminalized her dead baby.

In a post trial interview, she was asked what she wished for Zimmerman. I listened to the tremble in her voice as she muttered, “I have to forgive him for my sake and I’ll be praying for him.” My respect for her deepened and from thence my prayer life has become a little less selfish; less about me and more about God spreading more of His love on others.

This story speaks to me on that level. Mr. Taffie spoke throughout this trial as a friend. Recently, he had to bury his brother and sons. He now knows what it feels like to lose a child, better yet, have one taken from you. He’s taken some time to sort through the facts and is seeings things more clearly now.

Today, Taaffe claims he just wants to clear his conscience, “I can only ask for the country to forgive me and today I believe that he racially profiled him based on the color of his skin. Reporter: Some people may wonder what does Frank Taaffe have to gain by doing this? Are you working on a book? No book. A TV show? No. I’m just working on me right now and getting right with God.”

I credit this change to the power of a praying mother.

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