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When are we going to refrain from doing this to one another in the church? Mudslinging, that is. Granted, we are regular people who suffer the same misfortunes as people outside of the church do. However, we don’t just represent ourselves. We represent the kingdom of God.

I know the world lives by the infamous and overly used code of ‘let’s keep it real’, but in the church there are some things that just need to remain private.

The divorce between Deitrick Haddon and Damita happened years ago. Why is she speaking up and throw dirt now? Why, if you’re recently happily remarried, drag your new spouse into old news and invite the entire church along with you. This is silliness. She sounds like a bitter ex still in love with the man who left her drowning in her tears.

I’m not discounting her hurt or her hurtful experience. Only she and Deitrick Haddon know exactly what went down. But this is the kind of foolishness that forces unsaved individuals to look inside the church and take the nearest detour.

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