6 Reasons Young Black People Are Leaving The Church

This whole story is a prime example of how the world wants the church to conform to its low life standards instead of the people living in it raising their own.

The church has and will always be a lighthouse, a place of hope and healing that based upon truth, the word of God, offers those lost a place to come in out of the rain. The rain? Self and sin. People in the world are mixed up and screwed up not because of what’s in the bible or because the church isn’t holding true to its truths. People are messed up because of the immoral lives they choose to lead.

Yes, in the past, church leaders in their zeal, put in place traditional handbooks based on what they felt the Word of God wanted out of people. Those handbooks, not the Word of God, are biased and they do alienate people from the church. Unfortunately,  there are some churches who still hang steady on those traditions as well. That I do admit. However, in this social media age we’re living in where Google, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and every other media outlet is filled with nontraditional preachers, teachers, leaders and motivational speakers, people still claim the church isn’t truthful and is selective in its acceptance. Get real!

People want to live filthy lives and they want the church to say it’s okay. Then what would be the point of its existence.  The church is built on the foundation of the Word of God. The bible, which is filled with forgiveness by the way, offers a standard. God doesn’t force this standard upon people. He offers it in love. Hence, the death, burial, and resurrection of His only Son. Yeah, that was done in love. If God really wanted to be cruel and hateful and totally disrupt our nasty little lives, He wouldn’t have expressed His love as such.

Also, it kills me how imperfect people in the world expect people in the church to be so perfect because they’ve read the bible. I laugh at that. Reading the bible, preaching the bible, teaching the bible, life-coaching on the precepts of the bible and knowing every scripture in the bible from Genesis to Revelations doesn’t make you perfect. See, that’s how humorous God is. He filled the bible with truths of imperfect people then He appointed imperfect people to teach it. I give you a second to finish chuckling.

The world and it’s mixed up ways, with the media’s help, has bombarded young people with so many examples of substandard living that when they are met with simple truths like, don’t throw your virginity away on a scrub, save it for a lifetime commitment with someone who loves you back, or try not to lie, cheat, kill and steal, it doesn’t look good on you, then the bible becomes such a stumbling block.

Newsflash, all of this foolishness happening in the world is not new. The bible is filled with examples of it. The bible also maps a way out of it. If people would pick their heads up from their lowly places and come to the realization that what’s happening in the world and the standard the world is setting is not the right standard, then they’ll begin to see the bible as helpful and not hurtful.

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