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She absolutely has a right to speak on her situation. We were married for years so she has a right to speak on it. I don’t necessarily agree with half of it but here it is. There are three sides to every story. There’s my side, your side, and there’s the truth…

And, here we go again. I was apprehensive about reblogging and commenting on this, but then I’d miss my opportunity to appeal to those saints who are considering airing their dirty laundry as such.

Every christian in the world faces and deals with the same issues and dysfunctions as unsaved individuals.  However, in the church, we don’t just go through dysfunction, we grow through it. And when it involves other saints in the ministry, we have to be mindful to use Godly tact. I’m not saying be phony.  I’m saying we don’t handle our relationships like the world does; like a bad reality show.

When life fails in Christian relationships, we lose titles not love for one another. He or she may no longer be your spouse, but they are still your brother and sister in Christ. You are still required to love them as such. You don’t beat each other up to family, friends, nor the media. They’re may not be any glory left in the marriage, but God may still be able to use the friendship.

Love one another….
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