Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban: I have prejudices; everyone does



Here we go again. The cycle of blunder prevails once more. Why, oh why would Mark Cuban, after witnessing the total avalanche of Donald Sterling’s respectability and career, sit down with press in an attempt to just be honest to offer some sort of reasoning behind old Donald’s current sitch while also openly admitting he too has prejudices? Not one, not two, but three strikes Mark, YOU’RE OUTED! To make matters worse, during his therapy session with the press, Cuban went on to describe how he fears walking on the same side of the road with a black person wearing a hoodie. No he did not mention the h-word. Did he miss the entire Trayvon Martin trial? Mark, what were you thinking?

I get that Mark is making an effort to try to get everyone to understand you can’t fire someone for their personal beliefs. Noted. This is America, the place where freedom of speech should be tolerated regardless of its ignorance, right? I guess. The problem appears when your words become actions. I’m not sure if Mark is aware of Donald’s awful past. But, dear sweet Don has an extensive history of putting his discriminative words into actions. He’s had lawsuits coming out of the wazoo for years. Also, I don’t know nor understand the legalities behind forcing an owner to sell, so I can’t speak on that. But Mark had to have known this was not a smart move.

Although a touch disturbing, I do applaud Cuban for being honest about his views and his fears. But I also have to recommend he hire a PR person the next time he decides to share them. Don’t use the press for a therapy session. And if you need a come to Jesus moment about your race related fears, I’m sure there are plenty of clergy available who wouldn’t mind assisting you with that.

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