DIY or Just Plain Cheap?

Have you ever received a gift from someone wrapped in Sunday’s delivery of the funnies with the sentiment I thought you might like this? Better yet, a recycled combination of old gift wrapping paper nicely refolded inside a not so complementary bag or box that doesn’t even fit the occasion? You then return the sentiment with a faux smile inwardly gasping and thinking this cheap son of a gun couldn’t even spend an extra .99 cents on a new gift bag. These are just a few of the ideas passing off as DIY or Do It Yourself as it’s formally called.

DIY is the inexpert version of carpentry, craft and design.   It’s ideology or motivation stems from nonprofessionals who may lack the resources, money so to speak, to buy extravagant materials or gifts. So, regular Joes, moms, celebrities or whomever put their creative minds to work and design projects with materials already lying around the home or office that could very well pass off as professional pieces of work. Everything from refacing cabinets, restoring old furniture, school projects for the kids and even clothes are on the list of projects. It’s becoming the craze and buzz across social media. I’m sure if I dug into the numbers I’d find it’s become a multimillion or billion dollar industry in itself. I don’t doubt it all.

DIY is really a Godsend, especially for non working parents or self employed business owners.  I’m a stay at home mom and I take the DIY approach for a lot of things. Of course my previous examples are lazy examples of DIY and don’t quite make the cut but it’s a start for those interested in DIY but are on a very strict budget. Just be sure to pretty it up a bit if you are going to go that cheap. There’s nothing wrong with recycling.

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Naomi C. Kellogg

Naomi is an emerging screenwriter and novelist who writes fiction, nonfiction, and dramas. She’s written for a national magazine, run a blog, and headed the communications department for a 501c3 corporation. Naomi is actively completing a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts and is a member of the Nation Council of Negro Women (NCNW), St. Petersburg Chapter, where she hopes to inspire young African-American women who aspire to write.

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  1. Common practice of judging a book by its cover. People assume the gift is cheap, crap, or unwanted because the outer appearance doesnt sparkle or shine. These same people judge people just like the judge gifts.


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