Let me begin by disclosing I DO NOT CONDONE ANY FORM OF VIOLENCE or violent behavior of any kind.

Now, let’s get busy. I’d like to first address the video of the mother putting the smack down on her son after catching him in what’s being reported as him being involved in the riots. People all over social media seem to be having a celebratory time discussing this. Let’s strip the report down to the outline and truly chew the truth out of why the media captured this moment and put it into cyberspace. Any other time, if this same mother had pulled up on her son and beat him at school or any other public place, people would have called the police on her and reported child abuse. As a matter of fact, the media would spin it as another black child being prepared for prison because his parent violently spanked him.

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Spankings where and still are common forms of discipline in predominately African-American communities. If a child got out of line at school, in public, or home, they took a couple of swats to the behind to get them in line. That practice worked for generations until a group of white psychologists got together and concurred that black children being spanked introduces them to aggressive behavior that then leads them to a life of violence. So, they started teaching our children in school to talk back to their parents by advising them not to spank them or they would report them to a teacher or principal who would then have the authorities infiltrate black homes and snatch children, leaving them to be wards of the state.  For decades, America has rode on this policy. But now that this video fits their agenda of where are all of the mothers and fathers of these wild uncivilized black kids running a muck through the city and why aren’t they being contained, they want to celebrate black spankings. What’s worse is African-Americans all over the internet are feeding into it. “That would have been my  mother and little brother had no idea his moms was gonna snatch him up” is just a few of the comments I’ve been reading the past twenty-four hours. We’ve totally missed the agenda. I hope we remind them of it later.

What I saw was a mother simply trying to keep her baby alive. History has taught her that.

My second issue is black people constantly being preached at about needing Jesus whenever we become indignant about one of our children being murdered senselessly or when we act out from years of oppressive behavior by the powers that be. Or, how hypocritical we are about a cop killing a black kid when we’re killing each other? As a Christian myself, I do believe faith and love can and will bind us all together. But let’s talk about just who really needs Jesus. What about the sick careless minds that allowed a 25-year old to suffer to death behind closed doors and are still being paid to keep the truth a secret? Don’t they need Jesus and love in their hearts? Where was the mother of Michael Slager when he gunned down Walter Scott in cold blood? Did he raise himself with the belief it’s okay to kill at will?  Where was this government crying for African-Americans to stop killing each with guns and drugs? Oh yeah, that’s right, they’re were sneakily pumping it into our communities. After all, they are the world biggest drug dealer. Better yet, where have all these brilliant minds been who are now suggesting better education needs to hit impoverished African-American schools? I know, there were watching in awe with the black community as a judge sentenced about eight African-American teachers to prison for cheating on some exams that would at least give some students in their low-income crappy school a fighting chance. After all, they weren’t really hired to educate the kids anyway. They only got paid to teach a school full of children to pass a test designed to fail them. I don’t condone cheating either.

Stop acting like African-Americans don’t have a right to be mad. If our children aren’t dying from poverty, drugs, gun-violence, and every other psychological and economical inhibitor surrounding them, they’re dying unarmed at the hands of hate hiding behind badges. What we’re watching in Baltimore right now is years of police brutality mixed with psychological and economical oppression finally come to a head. Pressure bursts pipes. There’s only so much a community can take before they’re forced to lose control. What breaks my heart is that, when the pipes burst, there’s never enough leadership in place to guide the hurt. These kids everyone is referring to as animals and criminals aren’t either. They’re actions are the result of the city of Baltimore dropping the ball for decades.

Unfortunately, there are Baltimores all over America. It hurts that senseless murder has to happen in order for it to be uncovered. Black people aren’t the only people who need to return to their faith entirely for divine solution to the troubles we face daily. AMERICA NEEDS JESUS!

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