#TBT – Sometimes, Remembering is Motivation

Remember #TBT – Sometimes, Remembering is Motivation PSX 20141005 112201 1

I was sitting here thinking of a memorable throwback to share, mainly to make sure I hit my personal quota of at least three typed pages a day. Pouring words into a notebook or laptop daily, as well as reading, is exercise for the common writer. It’s the best and most practical practice for honing your skill.   At any rate, I began flipping through some of my old word docs looking for maybe a cute short-winded piece of fiction, or a bit of poetry. I like to rhyme every now and again. I came across my very first professional

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Watch “How To Ride A Bull: Father & Sons Instructional” on YouTube

It’s throwback Thursday! Normal rules for throwback Thursday requires the share: photo, video, story or etc, be at least five years old and embody zero semblance of the ratchet nature. Today, I’m not only breaking the rule, slightly, I’m appending the definition a touch. Years ago, while celebrating our first anniversary and the birth of our first son, my husband and I paid a visit to my mom’s and rummaged through a suitcase full of old throwbacks of myself. We laughed relentlessly at fugly adolescent photos and videos of me and my siblings. I couldn’t believe my mom had held

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Throwback Thursday celebration has made its way around again. In keeping with the theme, I’m reminded of a special date, December 8, 2010. That was the day I first heard my son’s heart beat. Just typing that brings back audible memories. That morning I was filled up with jolly. I awakened with a throwback song on my mind; “Angel” by Anita Baker. If I could I’d give you the world Wrap it all around you Won’t be satisfied with just a piece of this heart My angel Oh, angel You’re my angel Oh, angel…. My husband was bubbling over with

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In celebration of throwback Thursday, I thought I’d share with you all a poem I wrote years ago. This poem came to mind during a discussion on parenting with my then boyfriend, now husband. We were having a heart-to-heart about which topics of life should be discussed with children and at what age. As soon as I left the conversation, I sat down and wrote this poem. A short time ago, I dug it up and have decided to use it in a collection of poems I’m working on for our children. “A Broken Chip”  Mom brought a fish home yesterday, said she got him from three

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Valentine’s Day

It was two days before one of the best days of the year a second grader could ask for. The day a room full of rowdy seven-year olds passed out sweet little notes to one another and shared their best candy. Valentine’s Day! Right before the day’s dismissal bell rang, my teacher reminded everyone not to forget to bring their cards and candy. I gazed around at all the other kids excitement but couldn’t help but feel a tad gloomy at the idea because I just knew I wouldn’t be able to participate. My mom was a single parent raising five kids alone in the projects.

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I Remember When….

Just the other day while doing my daily routine of motherly multitasking; reading, cleaning and watching the kids play, my son came running over to me screaming, “Ooh mommy, look!” Having no other idea what it was except that it could be a broken toy, he handed it over to me. I smiled, picked up my smart phone and captured the moment. My little sweet-faced cutie had no idea he’d just handed mommy one of the greatest throwbacks of my time. Immediately, the moment sent me down memory lane. I remember when…. I was about six or seven years old

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