Natural Hair Pick of the Week|CROCHET LATCH HOOK TREE BRAIDS

Hey naturalistas! It’s summertime! And y’all know what that means, right? Right! It’s time to pick a protective style for of all that beautiful natural hair. And have I found a kicker. But first, let’s discuss how to protect our natural hair against these next few months of dreadful heat we’re about to face. The greatest aggravation for some natural hair sisters is moistening dry hair. I  tussled with this issue for few months. I spent ridiculous money on leave-in conditioners, deep conditioners, hair moisturizers, you name it, before I realized what the real culprit was. Alcohol. Or shall I

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Natural Hair Pick of the Week: Tutorial| Afro ‘Puff’ Style Variety

Natural Hair Natural Hair Pick of the Week: Tutorial| Afro ‘Puff’ Style Variety 2014 05 17 13

The weekend is here and like many other beautiful naturalistas, it’s time to do something fun to this natural hair. For the past three weeks I’ve been rockin’ the 3-strand twist out. I kinda wanted to give my hair a break this weekend and sport some cute afro styles but I wasn’t sure on how to go about it. Plus, Afros can be a bit boring if not styled to win. So, as usual, I scurried on over to YouTube to get a little assistance from one of the tons of amazing natural hair tutorials with styles sitting out there waiting to be

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Natural Hair Pick of the Week: 3 Strand Twist Out

Photo: St.Pete Times Four years ago I made the decision to return my hair to its natural state. Up until I was around ten years old or so I wore my natural hair pressed and in ponytails. That’s the customary hairstyle for young girls. Then the Jheri Curl fad came about and I just had to have one. My sister and I begged our mother to let us get one. Reluctantly, being an advocate for natural hair, she did. For years I wore a greasy fro heavily coated in curl activating gel; really greasy gel that makes your Jheri Curl pop. I went through

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Natural Hair Video of the Week: “How To Straighten and Trim Natural Hair”

Hi naturalistas! This weeks natural hair support video has to do with learning how to trim your own hair. Managing natural hair can get expensive at times. Purchasing and sorting through the right shampoos, conditioners, curling cremes and oils for your hair does put a dent in your change purse. So, adding a visit to your local beauty salon for a blow-out and quick trim is a financial stretch. This method, brought to you by Maria Antoinette, is cost-effective and simple. What you’ll need: Shampoo Conditioner Heat Protectant Blow Dryer Hair Clips Brush Sharp Sheers   Pt.1   Pt.2  

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Natural Hair Video of the Week | The MEGA Puff

If you’re a natural hair sister like myself, you’re constantly seeking out creative hair styling ideas and tips to keep your look fresh and current. I don’t care to sport the latest fashion with an out of control hairdo. So, here’s what I’ve decided to do. Each week I’ll post a natural hair tutorial from some really creative naturalistas. I’ll also share some of my favorite natural hair care products and personal remedies. The video below is from one of my favorite natural hair sistas, Mini Marley. She’s showing all the ladies how to do the perfect mega puff. Subscribe

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Nappy for Hire: Embracing Your Natural You

At times I may look like one but I’m most certainly not a Barbie. My hair doesn’t grow like one either. For years, myself, like millions of other young naturally beautiful black girls embraced chemically enhanced beauty products to compete with our white counterparts. We wanted curly hair so we welcomed the Jheri Curl, only to become completely annoyed with the constant messy upkeep; jheri curl spray and curl activating gel at night and in the morning. Let’s not forget the infamous sweat bag also known as the plastic cap we had to walk around in to keep our curls

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