Valentine’s Day

It was two days before one of the best days of the year a second grader could ask for. The day a room full of rowdy seven-year olds passed out sweet little notes to one another and shared their best candy. Valentine’s Day! Right before the day’s dismissal bell rang, my teacher reminded everyone not to forget to bring their cards and candy. I gazed around at all the other kids excitement but couldn’t help but feel a tad gloomy at the idea because I just knew I wouldn’t be able to participate. My mom was a single parent raising five kids alone in the projects.

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DIY or Just Plain Cheap?

Have you ever received a gift from someone wrapped in Sunday’s delivery of the funnies with the sentiment I thought you might like this? Better yet, a recycled combination of old gift wrapping paper nicely refolded inside a not so complementary bag or box that doesn’t even fit the occasion? You then return the sentiment with a faux smile inwardly gasping and thinking this cheap son of a gun couldn’t even spend an extra .99 cents on a new gift bag. These are just a few of the ideas passing off as DIY or Do It Yourself as it’s formally

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