Diamonds In The Feed

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*******UPDATE******* Let me commence by expressing my love for social media. I know some people see it as only an instrument for evil, and in 1,000,001 cases, it is. People fight their problems out with their keyboards rather than discussing them. Bitterly disturbed individuals who should be in a general hospital allow the dysfunctional matters of their worlds to turn via every other strangers computer monitor. Some of the things I witness online on a daily basis are truly shameful, to say the least. But eeeever so often, a diamond will rear its beautiful shine in the midst of all

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Listening to I love You by Jonathan McReynolds

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I often share with people, when given the opportunity, that I believe, if you’re striving to make it to heaven, you should go having a good time. No, I don’t mean getting turnt at the club in Jesus name, nor do I mean abusing your religious liberties by testing God’s grace. What I do mean is, God’s presence is priceless. His attention is invaluable. Whenever He makes an attempt to grace your actions or the intentions of your heart with a semblance of consideration, don’t ever take it lightly. Those moments mark identifying landmarks in your striving towards purpose. In

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Listening to Keep Us Together by Jessie J

Song Listening to Keep Us Together by Jessie J PSX 20141008 172607 1

  A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about Those Social Reads That Surprise You. Then, I fell in love with this song. It fit the sentiment perfectly, like a hand in glove. It’s rare, these days, that you come across a secular song that isn’t hailing verses about booties and h*es and then hooking it with melodious vernacular about promiscuity and thot-fullness. Unfortunately, money and fame gravitate around these types of verbal abuses and we just can’t seem to break free from this type of writing and get back to real art–good music. But, every once in a while, an artist

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A few nights ago my husband returned home from work with a hankering to take in a good movie. Before I could make it into the kitchen to fix his dinner plate, he began digging into the movie box beside the television for a movie he’d brought home a few days earlier. “I want you to watch this movie with me,” he suggested, while shifting a few things around and on top of the dvd player to set the movie up in the player. “It’s called Belle and it’s about a rich slave that..” I stopped him right in the middle

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Listening to Kill The Dragon By Kierra Sheard

listening Listening to Kill The Dragon By Kierra Sheard 01 07 Kill The Dragon mp3 image

  Some of the greatest compositions are those set to sound; sound that defies the ordinary art of musical arrangement. When news of the release of this album dropped yesterday, I wasn’t immediately compelled to rush to purchase it. Plus, listening to a full album wasn’t on my to-do list. But, as I peaked in and out of my Instagram feed throughout the day, the Graceland hashtags tipped my curiosity in the direction of Google Play. Just as Itunes, Google Play allows the listener to sample each song. I did some sampling. Then, about halfway through the playlist, I caved. I came to this song, and

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Listening to Alright OK by J Moss

ok Listening to Alright OK by J Moss 01 01 Alright Ok mp3 image

I love it when I’m not searching for a pick me up and God uses something or someone to say, “Oh hey, thought you might need this. Here ya go!” Then it ends up being a song that, with every word, sounds as if it’s like listening to your life’s soundtrack. Yeah, I had that moment a couple of days ago and I found that song that does. The melody is infectious and the lyrics written well enough to encourage anyone who hears them to believe that regardless the situation then and now, it’s ok. Life has many rainbows and

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Listening to Say Yes (Feat. Beyonce & Kelly Rowland) by Michelle Williams

michelle williams Listening to Say Yes (Feat. Beyonce & Kelly Rowland) by Michelle Williams 01 01 Say Yes feat Beyonc   Kelly Rowland mp3 image

I’ve never truly been a Michelle Williams fan until this album. I can’t say whether or not it’s the production or the fact that she seems to have simply grown more vocally that’s causing me to absolutely love every song she’s released thus far, while sitting patiently, with my mouse in hand, awaiting the full albums arrival. I can say I’m a bit surprised she used her former band mates on this track considering they both have highly acclaimed sexually explicit albums out right now. But when I think about it, we’re called to be a light in the darkness. That’s not

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Pure Beauty

If I had a daughter, I’d buy her a Barbie who looked just like Lupita. Where has she been all our lives. I take quit a few trips to the grocery store throughout the week and I must say it’s nice to see a beautiful dark-skinned woman on the front cover of a prestigious predominately white magazine in the check out line. Pure beauty! In an age where lighter skin is still preferred over darker skin, unless required, I love when it’s celebrated.Thank you People for displaying black beauty, pure beauty, with class. And, for giving young and older African-American girls

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Listening To Beautiful By Mali

I love when I come across one of those songs that are just so beautifully composed, I’m compelled to immediately go surfing for the lyrics. To my absolute pleasure, the lyrics are just as beautiful as the song and title. “Beautiful” By Mali It’s a blessing to see people with their heads up to the sky still cos honestly for the same people life can be so real i’m amazed by all your strength, i am and i’m grateful you come through yeah, yeah so i take this time to stop a moment and show my gratitude for you i…

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Listening to Better by Jessica Reedy

Listening to this song makes me call to mind all of the bitter days I’ve endured to get to the happy ones I’m reveling in today. If I were to put pen to paper and began to record the story, it would take 365 pages because I’d have a bitter moment to script on each page. However, for every sour moment, I’ve been endowed with days of sweet bliss. If, indeed, the goal of this song was to remind its listeners of this very sentiment, Jessica nailed it. I pictured a philharmonic orchestra gracing the story of my life set

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