Listening to Say Yes (Feat. Beyonce & Kelly Rowland) by Michelle Williams

I’ve never truly been a Michelle Williams fan until this album. I can’t say whether or not it’s the production or the fact that she seems to have simply grown more vocally that’s causing me to absolutely love every song she’s released thus far, while sitting patiently, with my mouse in hand, awaiting the full albums arrival.

I can say I’m a bit surprised she used her former band mates on this track considering they both have highly acclaimed sexually explicit albums out right now. But when I think about it, we’re called to be a light in the darkness. That’s not to say I personally know where Kelly and Beyoncé’s faith lie, I’m just glad she was able to get them to rock out on a hot gospel track; and in Jesus’ name at that.

At any rate, her voice seems to be in complete control of each and every song. And baby girl is belting out gospel chart bangers with authority. I believe in supporting great work. So, head over to whatever music outlet you prefer and download the latest new songs from Michelle. Let’s help her send this album soaring through the stratosphere, especially this song.

Say Yes – Michelle Williams

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