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Some of the greatest compositions are those set to sound; sound that defies the ordinary art of musical arrangement. When news of the release of this album dropped yesterday, I wasn’t immediately compelled to rush to purchase it. Plus, listening to a full album wasn’t on my to-do list. But, as I peaked in and out of my Instagram feed throughout the day, the Graceland hastags tipped my curiosity in the direction of Google Play.

Just as ItunesGoogle Play allows the listener to sample each song. I did some sampling. Then, about half way through the playlist, I caved. I came to this song, and its orchestration and writing floored me.

When you go back and preview Kierra Sheard’s previous albums, you’re left thinking, “Okay, she’s a pretty good singer”, nothing more, nothing less. And that’s solely due to making unfair vocal comparisons between her and her mother, Karen Clark Sheard, who’s a musical powerhouse in her own right. Kierra has a unique style of music.

At any rate, this song, like many others on the album, showcases Kierra’s voice in a new light. Not this it wasn’t present on her past albums, but the maturity in her voice and the level of writing on this song and album is sure to garner her a greater arena of listeners. This is by far the best five minutes and three seconds of storytelling I’ve heard to date. It’s worth every listening moment.  Go support great work!

Kill the Dragon

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