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I Love You

I often share with people, when given the opportunity, that I believe, if you’re striving to make it to heaven, you should go having a good time. No, I don’t mean getting turnt at the club in Jesus name, nor do I mean abusing your religious liberties by testing God’s grace. What I do mean is, God’s presence is priceless. His attention is invaluable. Whenever He makes an attempt to grace your actions or the intentions of your heart with a semblance of consideration, don’t ever take it lightly. Those moments mark identifying landmarks in your striving towards purpose. In most cases, your purpose is defined in those moments.

Our journey towards the prize is a well-intentioned promenade–a waltz from existence straight through to eternity. Don’t waste a millisecond getting jumbled in the disorder of religion. Every word from the Creator’s very breath was organizationally pre-Authored in perfection. Meaning, no man can direct you outside of it. It’s solid. Trust it. Be free in it. Your praise should be grounded on it. You life(worship) should BE it. And that’s where the fun begins.

God’s love should ignite a joy in your heart, that whenever you ponder it, your thoughts become explosive with gratitude. Your heart couldn’t fathom the words to express appreciation. That’s the good time. And when I heard this song, it took me there.

I could be going through the greatest period of confunction, but I’d make no attempt to hold back an I love you Lord. My very thoughts rest on gratitude.

Exhaust every bit of your praise.

I love you

      I Love You

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