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Let me commence by expressing my love for social media. I know some people see it as only an instrument for evil, and in 1,000,001 cases, it is. People fight their problems out with their keyboards rather than discussing them. Bitterly disturbed individuals who should be in a general hospital allow the dysfunctional matters of their worlds to turn via every other strangers computer monitor. Some of the things I witness online on a daily basis are truly shameful, to say the least. But eeeever so often, a diamond will rear its beautiful shine in the midst of all the ugly.

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A friend of mine posted a moment-altering snippet to the news feed yesterday evening. It was 15 seconds of jaw-dropping, tear-evoking, day-changing amazement. I’d spent a few minutes scrolling through jokes, relationship drama, memes–good and bad, reposts, and etc. To my delight, my thumb stopped at what started as series of vine loops of a young female singer belting her heart out, that looped its way into the Instagram fame feed, then on to Facebook to be reposted right into my news feed where it was needed.

Via – Tosca Meschell

After hearing just a few seconds of this, I had to find the full recording. After much Googling and Binging, I got a hit on Youtube. A raw cover of gospel singer Tonex’s Make Me Over messed me up! I was a through heap of tears for the rest of the evening. In today’s music game, the age of autotune, played out hooks, snippy catch phrases, and the pop, lock, and drop it, it’s a rarity to stumble upon a singer, no, a worshiper, like Briana Babineaux. I have no idea who this amazing talent is and where she hails from, but I pray for the sake of this generation, divine opportunity over takes her and she unleashes everything that’s been brewing on the inside of her to the world quickly. She is needed now! Enjoy!

Via – Jarrad Mouton

Since this blog I’ve found some wonderful information for you guys. Briana Babineaux not only has a website but new music coming this summer as well. Visit her site and subscribe to stay updated. Support wonderful work!


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