Beyonce Is Not Your Baby’s Momma!

I love hearing stories about parents boycotting concerts and staging strikes on artists websites and social media accounts. It’s almost as if they’ve caught a sudden case of amnesia. Ahem, excuse me mommy and daddy dearest. Have you forgotten how these artists have gotten rich and famous? Let’s take a quick peak into your bank account. Yep, you guessed it. You’re responsible!

Get over being mad Beyonce performed a thong song on the Grammy’s and get angry at the fact your son and/or daughter has unsupervised access to purchase parentally advised music at music sites like Itunes and Google Play.

How is it these boycotting parents are so socially responsible but yet so parentally irresponsible? Would you like to know why your daughter dresses like a hoe or your son looks like a fool with his pants on the ground? I can tell you in two words: BAD PARENTING! Beyonce, Miley Cyrus nor any other artist is responsible for raising your children. They are doing exactly what they get paid to do, sell albums and get money. Teaching your children their abc’s and 123’s or how to become civilized human beings does not put one coin in their bank accounts. Beyonce has been popping coochie for years. The world should not be surprised she’s drunk in love and performing in her underwear today. Miley proved two or three albums ago she can’t be tamed and gangsta rap is still putting wannabe criminals in jail one hit after another.

Don’t mistake me. I’m not condoning the irresponsibility of these artists nor am I a fan of profane music or entertainment. I’m simply stating that these artists and these styles of art won’t change until we stop supporting it. Stay ahead of your children and pay attention to the type of music and entertainment they are drawn to. Be their moral compass. Most Importantly, don’t let t.v., music and video games raise them. You be the parent.

Photo Source: Mail Online



I'm a writer, wife , and mom.

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