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Naomi C. Kellogg

Naomi C. Kellogg is a natural-born writer and lover of the arts. She began writing at the tender age of nine years old; writing poems and short stories centered around her own childhood experiences and views on life. For Naomi, writing was simply a way of escape or a small journey into the imagination of an adolescent with enormous dreams. It wasn’t until Naomi began her junior year in high school that she had a life-altering encounter with her 11th grade English teacher, Mrs. Cox. She called Naomi over to her desk a few minutes before the dismissal bell rang and said these words, “Listen kiddo, you are a writer with an amazing talent. I’ve never met a student until you who could sit down, and without effort, write some of the most terrific things you do. You’re intelligent and I have no doubt you can go on to college and be whatever you decide to be. But, if it’s anything other than a writer, I can guarantee you’ll never be happy. Writing is your passion. Don’t fear people. Be you and go for it!” She had no idea how prophetic those words were at the time. Naomi went on to graduate and started her first year of college at Bowling Green State University. Having a natural gift for numbers as well, she majored in accounting and minored in mathematics. That major soon changed to economics, then theatre.  After about two years of being undecided about her major, Naomi took a break from school and moved on to the workforce, working for several great fortune 500 companies. During her break from school, Naomi refocused her admiration for writing and began writing professionally; interviewing local celebrities and writing articles for several different magazines. Taking heed to her own worth in this field, in the spring of 2007, Naomi returned to college with a major focus of creative writing and finished with stellar results. She’s currently finishing her first manuscript and pursuing aggressively after publishing. She is also working on several children’s projects dedicated to her children. Today, an assortment of Naomi’s writings can be viewed and appreciated on her very own blog site www.thenaomickelloggblog.com.


I'm a writer, wife , and mom.

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